October 17, 2019, was a tipping point for Lebanon. It is on this historic day that people marched together in unity to reject the status quo Raging against a nepotistic and corrupt ruling elite who had been duping us for decades, the Lebanese people broke free from sectarian and political allegiances Together, they transformed their protest into one of the largest revolutions the country has ever seen; one that was heard all around the world

United under a single flag

Since October 17, 2019, the people of Lebanon have been narrating their own story under the watchful gaze of a skeptical world. Waving only the national flag as their beacon of hope, they are standing together in complete harmony – their united voice finally emanating from the depth of their shared humanity, rather than the sectarian communities in which they were born into

United through art & freedom of expression

It does not need to bleed for it to lead: a motto that Lebanese protestors have been living by since the eruption of the 2019 revolution Filling the streets with varying forms of artistic expression, the Lebanese have managed to uphold their momentum: sketches paired with strong and catchy captions; graffiti; mural calligraphy; chants; jokes; memes; orchestrated music performances; and dance stunts have all been part of the people’s political dissent and their unyielding resistance to an unsavory political elite As a result, the streets of Lebanon have quickly metamorphosed into colorful canvases documenting the tumultuous yet highly exciting journey to change

United in peace & harmony

Flourishing the streets with peaceful protests, the Lebanese people have been sending a loud message to the world about who they really are and what they aspire for. Despite sporadic yet calculated attempts to stir trouble among them in different cities around the country, protestors have resisted violence, choosing to spread laughter, joy, and shared love instead

United towards a shared goal

The Lebanese people have had their patience tried for decades. Taking to the streets in a collective show of political dissent, united in their revolutionary plea, their unified voice is screaming change: political, social, financial, and civic Their most famous slogan (كلن يعني كلن) is highly comprehensive: it calls the bluff of the ruling elite and summons it to exit promptly, as a stepping stone towards major reforms




Did you know that 11M Lebanese lived abroad? Today, from North America to Asia, they are all standing together despite geographical boundaries



From Berlin to Boston, London to Lisbon, Milan to Miami, the Lebanese have established a global footprint



Over a third of the Lebanese population have already taken to the streets

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The Lebanese Revolution 2019

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